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Our Story:

After observing the multiple channels other hair retailers go through before delivering their product, we at Good Hair Shoppe thought it was time to not only enhance hair quality, but also maximize the service. We noticed that when hair travels from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and then to the retailer before getting to you, its quality is compromised and its price increases with each new handler. This idea of reduced quality and increased price seemed unfair to the customer, so we created Good Hair Shoppe - an online and boutique retailer with a wide variety of 100% all-natural Virgin human hair selections.

Our Service:

We minimize the number of handlers and manufacture our own hair to increase its longevity, durability under chemical process, resiliency after shampoos, and its overall quality. At Good Hair Shoppe, we have a top to bottom approach and are hands-on in everything from the making of the hair to the packaging. There is no silicone coating or artificial treatments, and we inspect and analyze all of our hair before it is shipped to ensure each piece lives up to the integrity of Good Hair Shoppe. Orders are shipped the same day at no additional shipping and handling cost, and we ship worldwide, including military/APO addresses. Expedited shipping is also available at our customers’ request.

Our Selection:

When it comes to our selection, we have it all! There are multiple lines, and within each line are varying styles, lengths and textures. The Good Hair Shoppe customer is an independent thinker in everything from career choice to hairstyle. She’s a trendsetter who can’t be boxed in, and she inspires those around her to strive for progress. Whether she opts for timeless and classic, or likes to switch between natural-kinky and silky-straight, she always looks well put together. She’s complex, modern, and like Good Hair Shoppe, she understands that change and growth are necessary for relevance and longevity!